Disecting the Motorola Q Hardware.

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I had to perform a small surgery on my motorola q. Below are the pics of the hardware, how to disassemble and replace the keyboard and screen.
My initial problem is that the 5 way rocker button on my phone became way too sensitive.

First, I had to uncover the screws. They're covered by little gray rubber pieces. I removed them with a small flathead screwdriver.

The screws themselves are torques. You'll need a T6 screwdriver to remove them. I picked up a set at lowes for $6.00.


After removing the screws, the plastic casing comes apart. It's clipped together with plastic clips that are pretty hard to pull apart. Be forceful, but be careful.

After taking the back casing off, there are a few pieces clipped on.. First the plastic white clip that holds the camera in place. This is held on by two plastic clips. One on each side.


After removing the white plastic clip, the riser board is exposed. This is held on by one contact plug. Carefully rock the plug out and remove the riser card.


With the riser card out of the way, you can see the ribbon cable that attaches the screen. This is connected with the same type of plug as the riser card was. Carefully wiggle it out. Be careful not to pull too hard on the ribbon cable… if you want to see the screen again.


With the screen disconnected, it's possible to remove the guts of the phone, and to get to the screen and keyboard.


After getting to this point. I could see pretty clearly what the problem was. The contact on the keyboard where the center rocker button presses down was worn away. I've had the phone for a month and the button was down to the metal. But, then I realized that this is not Motorola's fault, it's Verizons. The carying case that they sold me was not intended for an extended battery. Having the phone on my side squeezed into the leather case so tightly must have aggrivated the keyboard.


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