Veritas Netback – Drives come up in AVR rather than ACS.

| July 8, 2007 | Reply

Veritas products have always been confusing. I'm writing here to archive an experience that we had with netbackup and ACSLS (Automated Cartridge System Library Software) in our data center. Essentially, all of the drives in our media library were up as AVR (Automatic Volume Recognition) as opposed to ACS (Automated Cartridge System). This means that the netbackup server was not communicating correctly with the ACSLS server, and unable to control the tape library robot.

(These examples have been edited.)

A drive that is in Automatic Volume Recognition mode (AVR) is not controlled by a robot. This means that once the tape is in the drive and written to.. It just stays there until someone takes it out. Obviously this is not optimal for a backup infrastructure that does thousands of backups. Especially when there just happens to be a giant robotic arm sitting there doing nothing.


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