How to cancel your XM subscription Hassle free.

| March 5, 2009 | Reply

I got my yearly renewal notification from XM radio today, and I noticed it was set to auto renew….

I was happy to keep my service, but I called to have the auto-renew canceled so I could pay as I go.
Unfortunatly, XM did that thing to me that they do to everyone… transferring around.. I spend well over an hour on hold, and I wasn’t even going to cancel my account. After the hold music went dead but the call was still going, I decided to do some searching around.
XM is doing this to everyone to avoid cancellations.

So I kept searching until I found a direct number to XM’s corporate office.

The number is 877-967-4672

I called this number and spoke to a gentleman by the name of John Pollard at Extension 36812
He was “curious” as to how I found the number to the direct line, and asked what website I found it on because they were “Keeping a spreadsheet of that information”.


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