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Video In HD = YouTube – AlumaBerry Theme Promo :: WJD Designs

SUPPORTS 151 !!!

Heres the deal, we all have seen the feature filled themes out there
but they are lacking the sexy smooth style we need to show off

Add the ability to customize a full group of 8 Icons that appear and dissapear by tapping the Date up top – this allows you to see any wallpaper you choose to have and not having so much clutter up top…

Included into this feature packed theme is an Icon Dock that allows 4 custom Icons – Plus a bar that shows PROFILE,CALENDAR,MESSAGES, and OPTIONS… every time you tap these they show a nice neon red glow and if its a today triggered button it will show the today feature in the middle of the screen

Am I done? NOOOOO! Go into the Application screen and you will have a much cleaner style screen… who needs the text under the icons when you can find the info with a tap of the icon… This makes it a smoother cleaner look with a red carbon fiber underlay… every time you tap an icon in the APP screen it will show a neon glow under each icon…

With a Custom Lock Screen and many other features that make the sexy sporty look embed itself through the operating system… This makes one of the best themes I have ever made for the Blackberry Device

As you know im a trusted theme designer in the community and my themes are on the front page of many sites… Im always trying to raise the bar and keep up with the system… for those of you who have followed me through the twist and turns of the economy structure and still purchased my themes, thank you… and those who are new to my theme making – I will never ever pass from helping one of my customers out no matter how bad the problem is… Thank you 4 letting WJD Designs transfer your Blackberry Device into something you will show off


* Today Style
* 8 Customizable Hidden Icons
* 4 Customizable On Screen Dock Icons (SimpleWeather-QLaunch-ETC)
* Customizable Wallpaper
* No Text on Application Screen
* On Screen Clock Shortcut
* On Screen light Animations
* Carbon Fiber Sexy Style through out the Device
* WJD Designs Premium Theme

Minimum Requirements:

* Blackberry Storm 9500
* OS 4.7
* (Tested On 9530)

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  • Testingchip says:

    My first WJD theme that made me a follower. :)

  • Testingchip says:

    My first WJD theme that made me a follower. :)