GPS Provider Nav4All Shut Down by Navteq for Good

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It looks like former GPS great Nav4All will be calling it quits for good in just a few days. In an email sent to all 27,625,631 customers, Nav4All stated that their contract with Navteq was not extended and that they will be shutting down completly. Apparently they had trouble coming to terms with the Nokia subsidiary, and since finding another source in such a short time isn’t really an option, that was that. In their email, Nav4All stated:

We greatly regret the fact that we have to suspend the operation of our service. With your help, we have developed Nav4All into a global product with 27.5 million users in 56 languages, in 5 years. This has made Nav4All the largest navigation supplier. This large number of users also has to do with the fact that Nav4All works on hundreds of ifferent mobile telephones of many makes such as Blackberry, Sony ricsson, Samsung, Motorola, Android, HTC, Nokia, LG, Iphone, Ipod etc.

We’re definitely sorry to see this happen, but so it goes in the technology circle of life. If any current customers have questions or need more information, you can head to Check out the full email after the jump.

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