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We have a ton of users asking for SocialScope invites on BlackBerry Cool and I can only imagine it’s a fraction of what the team at SocialScope must receive. Today, the team behind SocialScope put up a post (at least I assume it’s them and not someone who started a Tumblr account in their name) telling users that they should just be patient. The SocialScope team will be expanding the beta program to include more users, and they’re sorry for offending anyone for not responding to inquiries. My guess is that SocialScope will be launching as a paid app, and they don’t want to include too many people and cannibalize sales.

According to their blog post:

People of Earth:

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the SocialScope beta process and want to address them. First, no one should feel left out because they haven’t received an invite or are running a different version then someone else. As the beta progresses every one will be upgraded and more users will be added.

Second, we’re always seeding new versions of the app to small groups of users to test, tune and tweak SocialScope. Keeping the test groups small allows us to work closely with these users; making changes that would otherwise drive you crazy and lead to overwhelming number of support emails for us. This is an iterative process that can take many versions until its ready for a wider group of users.

Finally, we’ve tried to be as inclusive as possible leading to a very very large private beta. That means we can’t respond to every email or @reply (we wish we could, but we’re a small team), but your feedback is really valuable to us and we read every email we get.

“How do you select users to seed versions to?” Its largely random, but sometimes based on device type and carrier if we’re trying to track down a specific issue.

“How long will it take for me to get version x?” We can’t give you a date, but as soon as its ready you’ll get an upgrade notice within the app.

“I haven’t even gotten an invite yet…” We’re constantly expanding the beta when a spot opens up or the app is released publicly we’ll let you know.

Finally follow us and become a fan at to stay up to date with our latest news.

-Team Conan er SocCialScope

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