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Tired of the Same ole Dock here.. Hidden Blah Blah…
Time to get innovative! Welcome to “TaTTu” your new theme to show off to your friends. Imagine having any wallpaper of your choice and having 16 ways to customize that wallpaper with overlays like skulls, cars, girls, stars, etc.

Click the white circle in the lower left hand corner to show the “TaTTu” dock. Each time you select a box with a word the overlay is presented above over your wallpaper of choice. When you switch to each icon it hides the one before hand, also when you select to go to the next set via the arrows it will hide the overlay on screen (meaning no multiple overlays)
hit the “x” to hide the dock with your overlay selected… Your Done!

Click the left side of the screen and your shown a half circle dock of 7 customizable icons (rearrange in application screen to show on homescreen)

Onscreen Shortcuts Include:
Clock – Clock
Battery – Profile
Messages – Messages

Theres NO Meterberry/Weather Slots
Theres NO Quicklaunch Shortcut

This is meant to be minimal with an artistic approach

No I will not make custom sets of Overlays haha Maybe though in the future I will release different sets

Warning File Size is 2.5 MB (This is because of the sets of overlays) DONT BE SCARED!

This took me some time and I hope everyone loves the different approach to a theme!



* Custom Overlay Docking System
* 18 Overlays to choose from
* 7 Custom Icon Hidden Dock
* On Screen Shortcuts
* Original Design and Innovation
* WJD Designs Original

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