Ultimate Lock : The Birth of an Awesome Lock Screen

| February 23, 2010 | 2 Replies

Are you looking for a lockscreen alternative for your BlackBerry device that offers not only a great visual display that mimics android devices but the fact that it operates without lag and pushes through the customization barrier like a bullet through butter? Sit down and pay attention boys and girls because this lock application fits the bill to a “T”… Let me start out by saying, “Yes I did the image work for the application and produced the video for it but that is only the icing on the multi layer coding cake.” At first I was sketchy when presented this application because, for one… I don’t use a lock screen on a daily base since I am a “native type of feel” guy so when 3rd parties present something that should be stock I shrug it off. I loved the app by DMG called Storm Slider and the way it looked but it lacked a couple things. The feel of the “slide” interface was not feeling like the iPhone slide you fanboys love to slide. Also, I am a power user at times and the DMG’s app would popup at random times and cause my device to drag.


Now DO NOT think I am knockin on DMG, the guy is a god amongst us Berry enthusiast and it would be mutiny for me to even call is work lower then grade A, BUT there comes a time when even the top dog has to be replaced and that is where “Ultimate Lock” by Epic Applications dropped in and said HEY HEY HEY! Right out of it’s first launch it works like it should – press the lock button and it’s locked, slide and boom unlocks. Such a simple task but it performs it without a hitch and smoothly makes you want to hit the lock again for fun. There is TONS of launch options you can configure to make the execution customizable. Wait did I say customizable? Uh huh, this app is packed with so much customizing I feel like im a gay guy at bed,bath,and beyond with a thousand dollar gift card! Change the background, make the text any color to make it easy on your eyes, through your lock info or carrier name and DONE!


Did I mention the lock screen also acts as a functional today screen with a quick enable, there I just said it… When someone notifies you it is within a matter of second while being on the lock screen it shows where its from and what mode of transportation it came from whether it is mail,sms, or my favorite BBM. Now lets talk security, how do you know your device is secure on the lock screen, I mean anyone can unlock it, WRONG! Epic includes another form of a lock screen using a custom passcode you create using numbers so next time you lock screen comes up the user much put the right number in or your BlackBerry with sit and play special. This lock application deffinitly deserves the rights to the name “Ultimate Lock” since it not only shows your charge percentage and battery life but incorporates many different application uses rolled into one solid application. So why pay for multiple applications when you could pick up “Ultimate Lock” for only 3.99 on sale now (after sale 4.99) so you to will finally have a lock application that stays on your phone for more than a week :)

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Ultimate Lock is the pinnacle in locking apps for the BlackBerry with rich features and an unmatched attention to detail. Tired of pocket dialing and missed notifications? Protect your phone with Ultimate Lock! This customized screen allows you to stay informed while keeping you in control. Lock your device in style.

Get Ultimate Lock now for the introductory price while it lasts!


*** Some newer builds of 5.0 (.484) made a change to the lock system in a way that prevents the lock key from launching the app. All other features work as expected. ***


  • BBM, SMS and Email notifications (even see senders name for SMS and Email!)
  • Switch between any two profiles with the swipe of a finger
  • Secure your device with a keycode required to unlock
  • Prevent against tampering by locking the device out after too many failed attempts
  • Fully customize screen with custom backgrounds, font colors and icon colors
  • Lock on call, on device start, on lock key, or after a timeout
  • Allow emergency calls to any number while locked
  • Reset LED notifications (even from BeBuzz!) without having to unlock
  • Entirely, 100% original custom graphics from Wayne at WJD Designs

Minimum Requirements:

  • BlackBerry OS 4.7+
  • 480x360px screen

Display Dimensions
360×480, 480×360
Operating System
4.7 Non-Touch, 4.7 Touch Screen, 5.0 Non-Touch, 5.0 Touch Screen

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  • Testingchip says:

    I love me some UL. :)

  • Testingchip says:

    I love me some UL. :)