YouMail for Blackberry Updated Version: 0.97

| February 17, 2010 | Reply
We’ve just released a new version of YouMail for Blackberry, designed to address your feedback. Download it now at:
The application is simpler, better looking, more reliable, uses up less battery, adds some cool features, and provides troubleshooting support if something goes wrong:
YouMail Is Much Smarter
  • YouMail can now detect new voicemail WITHOUT needing TXT alerts or “polling”, leading to better battery life and no hassle with TXTs. Instead, YouMail reliably detects e-mail alerts going to your phone – just go to application settings, turn off “TXT alerts” and “polling”, and turn on e-mail alerts.
  • YouMail can now make sounds, flash the LED, and vibrate for new voicemails, just like you can for TXT, MMS, and E-mail messages. Check out your profile settings (may be called Sounds) and you’ll find a new YouMail option– we’re now completely integrated with the BlackBerry’s built-in Notification service.
  • YouMail now gives you more greeting control: you can control what YouMail does with “unknown callers”, “blocked callers”, and “smart greetings”.
  • YouMail lets you try out our voice-to-text transcriptions with a single click from the application
YouMail Looks Much Better
  • We’ve made dates much easier to read – “today”, “yesterday”, “Mon 2/1”, etc.., and made it easy to see new messages by displaying the caller name in BOLD.
  • We’ve completely redesigned the screen that plays messages – which should make them easier to play and read.
YouMail Connects Better And Boots Faster
  • We’ve reworked YouMail to handle network problems much more efficiently, which will especially impact those of you with spotty coverage or unreliable WiFi connections. There is now much less data traffic, more efficient and less frequent authentication, and smarter connection attempts.
  • We now ensure that voicemail audio files on SD-cards when the phone boots up – so you can now upgrade YouMail without worrying about old voicemails having to all be downloaded again.
  • We now handled some relatively rare cases that caused problems downloading voicemails. Some Blackberry phones redirected our audio requests through other services – and this now just works. Other Blackberry servers only allow small files to be transferred – if you have this problem, just go to “Storage “ and choose the “chunk audio” option).
YouMail Has Better Troubleshooting
  • We now provide user-friendly information about the network and authentication status of the application – easily accessible from the about screen.
  • We’ve made it effortless for you to tell us if there’s problem – just click the “Send Log” button on the About screen, and it’ll create an e-mail telling us exactly what’s happened with your application. Just add a brief note about what you were doing, and we’ll be able to quickly diagnose any issue.
Enjoy – and don’t hesitate to give us feedback! We’re already hard at work on the next version.
Remember, you can download it now at:
Source: The YouMail Team

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