BerryWeather & Ultimate Lock updated! Ultimate Lock now has BerryWeather integration.

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BerryWeather 2.2.01 from Bellshare has just been released. Ultimate Lock 1.1 from Epic Applications has also just been released. Coincidence? Actually no, it’s not. BerryWeather 2.2 has been updated to now include 3rd party support along with some bug fixes. This allows other developers to actually use BerryWeather within their apps. And the first app to include this ability is Ultimate Lock. Ultimate Lock 1.1 adds several fixes and improvements including the integration of weather conditions on the lock screen.

BerryWeather 2.2 may look like a small update on the outside. But the potential is the the big new feature. Currently only Ultimate Lock is supported. But with the huge popularity of the app there are sure to many developers joining the BerryWeather party.

Ultimate Lock 1.1 has a few more added features:


  • Fix for background resetting on reboot
  • Lock on Timeout will not lock if charging and set to Unlock on Charge
  • Will not allow you to both disable lock key to unlock and trackball


  • Full integration with Berry Weather! First app ever to do so!
  • Ability to show several different versions of weather (location + temp, location + conditions, etc) on lock screen
  • Options screens broken out into 5 clear sections on different pages for easier navigation
  • Improved registration dialog
  • Ability to show in system menu
  • Optional unlock sound
  • Notifications for BBM groups
  • (Storm) Ability to lock in portrait (only when launched from icon, side key, or app launcher)
  • Can allow or disallow lock key to unlock (like default lock) and Mute key to switch profiles
  • Ability to show or hide the clock and date
  • Ability to show or hide the battery status
  • Ability to automatically reset LED notifications (including Berry Buzz) when locked
  • Heavily optimized core code for faster boot, less battery drain, and less memory usage
  • Purchase BerryWeather from the BBOS Store
  • Existing BerryWeather owners can upgrade to 2.2 here
  • Purchase Ultimate Lock from the BBOS Store
  • View the Ultimate Lock How To
  • Discuss in the BlackberryOS Forums


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