BlackBerry, top dog in marketshare

| March 14, 2010 | Reply

It’s news like this that truly makes us BlackBerry addicts happy, and makes all of the haters mad.

For all of the people that said, “BlackBerry is dying out.”, here’s a news flash. RIM is currently holding 43% of the market share (up from 41.3% last October) compared to the iPhone in second with 25.1%. No other market share percentages were given from the original post, but Google Android gained 7.1% in three months, which is impressive. While RIM is on top, they don’t have it easy though.

They’re only going to be on top for a short while if they don’t get with the program. Now that most of their users are consumers, not business users, they need to gear their device towards consumers. They’ve been making tiny improvements along the line, but for them to steak their place at the top and hold on to that for a long time…we’re all going to need to see something big, like OS 6.0. The glimpse I caught of what could be OS 6.0 a while back in one Aaron’s post at PhoneDog, it was looking very nice. Click here to see Aaron’s article.

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