Iphone 4G with Verizon? New iPhone 4G Display in the Wild?

| March 29, 2010 | Reply

I was browsing BGR and found out not only the info of the iPhone going to Verizon but the fact that someone has the new display of the iPhone 4g in the wild. Will this be an updated display? AMOLED? New tech? I am not much of an Apple fan but I know they will need to do something different in the OS to give it back that WOW factor and bring smug back to all iPhone users across America!

While everyone is busy crushing over the iPad, a video posted today to YouTube that features what is said to be the display for the next-gen iPhone. The spitting image of the display assembly we saw in an earlier leak, we’re starting to really warm up to the idea that this one-piece display assembly with a screen of roughly 3.7″ is indeed the real deal. Check out the video after the jump and give us your thoughts.

Source: BoyGeniousReport.com

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