OS 6.0 : Is this what the future of BlackBerry’s OS looks like?

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CrackBerries Bla1ze Post:

Well, this is rather interesting to see. The above shots were recently posted over at BBLeaks. Now, while the pics are mentioned to be of OS 6.0 they are clearly just images of what might be. Nothing appears to be running on a device here. Oddly enough, they look all to familiar to the concierge app that was shown off at DevCon and again in a recent RIM held webinar. So, while we can’t say for certain this is what it’s going to look like or defintively confirm the accuracy (nor does BBLeaks), what do you think if this was indeed the case? Looks entirely too crowded for my liking, if they are indeed the real deal. Share your thoughts.

BBLeaks Post :

There has been much speculation over what OS 6.0 could possibly look like. We were recently hit with these images of what appear to be of a device running OS 6.0 with a similar screen resolution of a storm or storm2. These spy shot images come highly regarded as real from one our best connects. We’re hoping to see it soon on a physical device (maybe the slider?) and so until then take from it what you will.

From what we can see, it appears that Research In Motion

may have a competing OS against the likes of Google Android; making use of widgets. It will be interesting to see if a device will soon surface with this OS to give it more confirmation. However, from what we’ve seen and know, it is obvious RIM is at least moving in a forward direction.

Sources: BBLEAKS.com / CrackBerry.com

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