SwooshContact adds a twist to the current Address Book

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SwooshContact adds a twist to the current Address Book
Mar 05, 2010 – 8:09 PM – by ShimmyShine

While I was looking through the new applications posted in the BlackberryOS store, I stumbled upon this one. SwooshContacts, made by Swoosh Software LLP, adds a fun and interesting twist to the average day address book. SwooshContacts is made to record every time you interact with a person. After it does this, it will then compute the percentage for how popular each contact is in your books. This can probably cause some problems for a few, but for most of us it would be just sheer amusement to compare how much we really do rarely talk to the in-laws. It also gives you the ability to rate your contacts by adding stars to each one. So the application shows both your computed favorites and also your preferred favorites.

SwooshContacts sells for $4.99 in the BlackberryOS store and also has a free trial. Nothing better than trying what your buying!



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