BlackBerry OS 6.0 : Fishy Calendar

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With all this new OS hype floating around people are getting their hopes up. I am sitting back still saying to myself “Uhhh this is OS 6.0?” I mean as a graphic designer I pride myself in the way I compliment my designs to flow as UI’s should in Operating Systems (Maybe RIM should hire me?! HINT!)  I notice things like this above, looking a tad fishy in my eyes. First BGR posts some OS 6.0 shots this mourning and I was wowed that RIM still hasn’t made a real time updating icon for the Calendar which I have just done myself using a program from Toysoft called “iCalendar” which is embedded in to my new theme called  “SIX”. Obviously it shows the 27th and 21st days not being the same which I shrugged off and said “Typical RIM!” Then BGR posted pics of 6.0 running on their new CDMA clam shell device the “BlackBerry 9670″. Notice the Calendar does say a different date which is the same date they always use in default calendar for 5.0 and past OS’s.

So, why is the OS 6.0 shot from earlier showing 27?!  I am so confused… Was this a test OS? A Fake? Or just Rim forgetting their original 31 day look (wouldn’t put it past them)… Don’t get me wrong the new Webkit will be awesome and the multi-screen deal but haven’t the other phones from last year been doing multi-screen and Webkit. I am still waiting for the wow factor just like everyone is. I am a BB dude in the heart but I am also a guy who wants the top tech and the coolest gadget to show off, I used to but not so much now. I am just hoping RIM isn’t just rounding their icon and putting some much needed color in them but really giving some UI changes that make things flow with their new Kinetic “Rubber Band” feel (which is a standard for smart phones now.) Prove me wrong RIM, I would love to get all my words smashed in my face and have you show me up, but I think my face will remain untouched….

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