BlackBerry Sighting : Freddy Krueger

| April 30, 2010 | Reply

So I was sitting back in the movies watching the new Freddy flick semi falling asleep, ironic huh lol. All of a sudden this girl calls her friend to tell him about her “nightmares” and low and behold the guy has a BlackBerry Storm. I know I and my tech buddies were the only ones going, “oh wow a BlackBerry Storm did you see that!?” Oh well I am a geek though so it’s all good. But the funny thing is, it wasn’t the normal BB they put in movies, the silver ugly looking one with chrome. So does this mean BlackBerry is becoming more popular with the everyday consumer, or did RIM want to subliminally get in our heads and say “BUY ME!” Either way I am sure he was using Verizon, good job kid!

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