Busted Westinghouse TV SK-32H540S

| April 27, 2010 | Reply

I got a frantic call from my mom a while back about her Westinghouse TV.
She would turn it on, and then seconds later, the display would go blank.
The audio stayed on, and the blue power indicator stayed lit, but there was absolutely nothing on the screen.

I looked at it a bit, and couldn’t find anything obvious, so I took it home for a closer look.

I’ve never seen the inside of an LCD TV or monitor before, so I was a little surprised to find how clean it is in there.
Everything is very clean and elegant, and there’s not too much going on.

After a half hour or so of examining the innards, I stumbled across what I believe is the problem.
The inverter board has 3 transformers on it. The middle transformer has melted. I can see that the back of the circut
board has some char on it.

I’m not much for electrical repairs like this, but it doesn’t seem too difficult. I think this just has to be removed and replaced.
I found replacement transformers online for $29.99.

She’s already bought a new TV, but when I get sick of looking at the 32″ nightmare sitting on my kitchen table, I’ll likely see if it’s something I can do.

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