iPhone 4G get Multi Tasking – Global Mailbox – Homescreen Contacts

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Next-gen floodgates = open. Citing people familiar with pre-release builds, AppleInsider published a report today which seems to confirm many of the most popular rumors about iPhone OS 4.0. The lack of third-party multitasking will finally be addressed with the aid of a UI feature similar to Exposé. In OS X, Exposé shows users not only what applications are open but displays thumbnail images of contents of each individual application window so navigation is simple. But as the iPhone is a mobile phone with a screen that is believed to be in the neighbourhood of 3.7″, it would be quite difficult to distinguish one application from another if more than a few are running at the same time. To remedy this, Apple has elected to use nothing but the application icons. Just how Apple plans for users to activate the feature is unclear, but double-clicking the home button seems the most likely option. Also coming is a global inbox allowing users view email from multiple accounts from a single inbox as well as the ability to add contacts to the homescreen. Just when iPhone OS 4.0 will be announced is anyone’s guess, but let’s hope it at least gets its own event like OS 3.0. We’re itchin’ for some beta software.

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