iPhone users do the Robot : Android Style

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Anyone see this running around the net? It is making android users shrug their shoulders and iPhone fanboys tearing up but for other people like “BoyGeniousReports.com” drop their jaws. Recently the little powerhouse we call the iPhone was hacked just like many of my PC’s into dual boot Linux which then finds a partitioned space that has the Android OS running on it. Wait, so you can run the beloved Android OS on a an Apple iPhone, WHATTTT!? Yes it is true and this Bruce Lee of Code (not because hes Asian) just made it happen on video, and you can too!  Now all iPhone users can walk a mile in the Android person shoes, like we really wanted? Even though this is in it’s ALPHA stage it shows that it is very functional and running as fluid as the later Android devices. I am thinking we will be seeing the iPhone OS on the Android soon, on second though who wants that?! ;) Does this finally mean iPhone’s can do FLASH haha!? See Video Below!

Although we can not post the links for you to do it and condone ruining Job’s creation we can show you the iPhone Dev Team’s site and give you a gentle push in the direction!

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