VZW Backup Assistant out Today for 9550?

| April 8, 2010 | Reply

Surfing through BlackBerryOS they may have found some info leading to believe Storm2 units will recieve Verizons Backup Asistant tonight – this is a pretty cool backup application indeed and I have used it before. So what do you need to do? Go to your email settings and resend those service books asap then pull the battery out of your phone to hard reset – hopefully throughout doing this tonight you will see it (that is if you care ;) )

Natemz from Blackberryos.com writes

There’s an eerie feeling in the air. Things are strange right now. Hell must be freezing over. Why am I saying this? Because Verizon is releasing all kinds of new apps, OS’s and services lately, which is a very strange occurrence? The company who has the reputation of dragging their feet looks like they are getting ready to push out another new service for Storm 2 owners. Last week, Backup Assistant was pushed out for the Tour. Now it seems that 9550 users will get the new app as well. BerryScoop got a photo that shows evidence that VZW will push out the service on April 8th. Yep, that’s today alright. No official word yet if any other devices will get the Backup Assistant treatment; but it’s still nice to see Big Red releasing the amount of new content that it has been lately. Now where’s that PTT for my 9550?

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