Apple iPhone surpasses BlackBerry as the #1 Opera Mini device in the US

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Well was never a huge fan of the opera mini browser on the blackberry, but i have always seemed to be using it on all my blackberry’s.  Well few weeks back the the well known browser was released for the iphone.  I downloaded the other day on my old iphone and yes it is pretty nice. Super fast you use and easy to switch between tabs. Well after being out a couple weeks its blown the blackberry out of the water.


Opera Mini launched on the iPhone a mere few weeks ago and the Apple handset has already has taken the top spot as the device with the most Opera Mini users, as measured by number of installs, in the US. The iPhone ousted BlackBerry, the previous reigning champ in the US, and is reportedly well ahead of its mobile competitor from Canada. Globally, the iPhone is in third place and is surrounded by Nokia and Sony Ericsson handsets which occupy 19 of the remaining top 20 slots. Not only a US-based phenomena, the iPhone is also top dog in the UK and has a strong presence in Australia, Korea, Canada, Germany, and Japan. Though impressive, these initial numbers may be boosted artificially by iPhone owners who download the app merely because it is new and noteworthy. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues as the novelty wears off.


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