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Honestly i really didn’t know what to expect when i had got this theme. Being that it was going to be a fully animated background it def seemed interesting. From the colors to the fonts all the way up to the wallpaper the theme is just amazing. One of the main things I love is the customization that theme designers do with these themes, but most of all when they allow it so you can choose your own wallpaper to show on app screen as well. With clockwork you can have a user defined wallpaper, which I will discuss more about later.


Well as most of you can see in the above picture is the home screen which honestly should just say enough!!  The home screen in this theme is like no other that i’ve seen. As you can see there are 12 icons that are totally user defined! In my opinion that is a huge deal, i’m not a fan of having themes where i can’t pick and choose what icons i want showing.  In the bottom left and right corners you can see the battery meter and the signal meter.  The close attention to details with these meters are astonishing in my opinion. When a new message comes in the icon for messages or emails etc is outlined with a white ring and when icon is focused on a gold ring appears.

One of the major features of the homescreen on this theme is the gears that you see in the middle of the icons. Each gear moves in the background like a old fashioned clock, and the best part about it is that the animation on the home screen doesn’t cause any lag at all. Reasoning behind this is not only are they independent layered animations but also fully coded.  I haven’t seen any animated theme out there that is anywhere close to this type of theme.


 Application screen just looks so smooth, from the wallpaper to the color scheme. One of the great things about this is that the theme has user defined wallpapers. I love this feature, just knowing that i have the ability to change the wallpaper if i felt like it is great to know. Seeing how this wallpaper matches the color scheme perfectly, I will not be changing it.



 Just a quick look at the menu screen and message’s window. This menu screen is so unique and just simply hot. I you take at the close detail to it I love how its like one of those old scrolls.  Even on the side of the menu screen you can see the little rips to get more of the old school affect.

The message’s screen is very nice looking as well and easy to read. The date banner’s sorta have that old school looking affect just like the wallpaper. Along with the font color of the date matches perfect with the theme.


The theme is clearly a game changer not only in animated themes just themes in general. There is so much detail to this theme its crazy. With the fully coded animation on the home screen for speed to the old fashioned looking menu screens. The theme is so smooth scrolling on the home screen from icon to icon its amazing. If you were to only buy one blackberry theme I’d highly reccommend clockwork!

With CLOCKWORK you feel that your in the past, but honestly if you stick with Wayne and John your will always be in the future!!!!!

Storm Users – Show today tap Date – hide tap “x”

Trackpad/Ball Devices:
Quicklaunch = “Spacebar”
Profiles = “$”

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  • Fully Independent Animated Layers
  • SVG Coded Animations (less slow down in performance our way)
  • Custom Battery/Signal Meters
  • 12 User Defined Icons
  • Hidden Today with Independent Calendar and Messages screen (ONLY FOR STORM USERS)
  • Easy to read text on device
  • Stock Icons with Grunge look make it easier to recognize
  • User can change wallpaper
  • Another Premium WJD Designs Theme


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  • TaZ52083 says:

    WOw i love this animation wjd and great work. Hope you have more themes coming out with animations.

  • TaZ52083 says:

    WOw i love this animation wjd and great work. Hope you have more themes coming out with animations.