Google to halt Nexus One online sales, focus on retail channels

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Well i honestly saw this coming for a while now. Google hasn’t been doing all that well with the sales on this phone. If anyone is like me i much rather see the phones in person before i purchase anything. With this phone having a pretty hefty price tag its kinda of hard to drop that kind of loot on something that you haven’t seen or held. I am very picky with my phones, it has to feel right in my in my hand and to my ear.  Well guess we can see whats to come with google and the nexus one. Will it do good in the retail market? Will it flop like it did on the online sales? Guess its just a waiting game to find out>

The writing was on the wall when the Nexus One failed to materialize with both Verizon Wireless and Sprint and today, Google confirmed what the tech world had suspected — its online model for handset sales has failed. In a blog post, Google announced that it is working with upcoming global partners to bring the Nexus One to retail channels. Once the handset is firmly established with a solid brick and mortar presence, Google will halt all online handset sales. Its current website will be used to showcase and not sell current Android offerings. Anyone disappointed that you will have to go through your carrier to snag a Nexus One?



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