HTC Evo 4G rooted before Launch w/ Video

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So this is some rather crazy happenings, it seems all them Google IO attendees happen to use those EVO gifts wisely and rooted it quicker then it can be released. This actually makes me very happy because I own the HTC Incredible and I found out via the forums for the root project for the Incredible. Someone on there went crazy and said “They already rooted the Evo WTF!?!” I don’t blame them at all considering all us Incrediblies have been waiting very patiently for our root. (Even though it came out not to long ago) What does root do you ask? It gives the user full control of the phone as the superuser aka Root (which describes the root of the file system) Once controlled developers do not need any API’s from Google and it is just a sitting open platform device that we can freely hack into our little ROM mixed paradise. The notch up you get from the amount of considerable customization is so much that getting a root is like getting a new device. So since the EVO has root I wonder when they will drop that sweet 2.2 that has been running on a lot of these android rooted devices already, and when will us Incredible owners be sporting this trend since HTC will take awhile to get around to 2.2 for official port. Time will tell but for right now time is on our side, cheers Devs! (Engadget Story below)

We’re still a good dozen days away from its public release, but the Evo 4G has already been given a rooting makeover. Google dished out Evo handsets to all the lucky (so lucky!) attendees of its blowout I/O 2010 event, and a trio of those visitors rolled up their sleeves and decided to get down and intimate with the phone over the weekend. The product of their labor is at this stage just a few screenshots and a blurry video after the break, but fear not, we’re sure details of the hack will be forthcoming promptly.

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