HTC Incredible : Rooting Rumours Looking Good

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So from what I hear all you Incredible fans will be very happy VERY soon. I just got word of a link from a dev working with a 1.5 Overclocking kernal and is even going to work on a 2.0 mhz clocking kernal, uhhh wow haha… Is that really needed… but the good news is that we are infact getting closer and there is a superboot image floating around and being modified/tested to get us that final root product. No time frame but soon is the best answer to the ears of all the Incredible people out that. Here is the summary of what the Dev posted on the page, some say this is speculation…what do you think?

HTC Incredible Overclocked to 1.5 ghz! Next step 2.0 ghz…

That’s right, consider this the first notice that the HTC Incredible has been overclocked. Incredible boots and runs smooth at 1.3 ghz (as compared to the 1  ghz stock). I’ve also played with a 1.5 ghz kernel that I’m working on, but need to clean up a few things first. The kernels will be available very soon and will probably be released along side of Dominator 4.0 for Incredible (which boostdscoob is working on).

Get the kernels here!

Source: HERE

UPDATE: On the Android forums our good buddy “acidbath5566″ has posted this very statement in the Incredible root thread from

I just got a passed down possible super boot thanks to Paul over at Modaco.
mrozzeh over at XDA. “Its a regular boot.img but packed with “superboot”, which is a shell script that extracts superuser.apk and su to the partitions. theres no signature checking for these images, so someone must have either found a way to turn security off in the bootloader, or have an even sneakier way of loading……”

No matter what we can all agree the heat is on isn’t it :) So go ahead and grab them Siedo 1750 mah batteries when you can, I have a feeling you’ll be needing them soon haha!

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