Incredible Users get Brighter : First LED Flashlight App

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I was going to bed and like normal I surf the Market for a quick second. I put in the search word “Incredible” to see anything mainly for that device or with that word in the description and found an app that a lot of you Incredible users have been waiting in the dark without. has Made the “Incredible LED Flashlight” app and has reminded people as of right now it is in early developmental stages and use at own risk. It can be ran on/off but the user can’t use any apps that use the camera function until they do a power cycle. Even though it is at its early stages he’s allowing people to grab it for only 99cents before it is fully done and he will then charge 4.99… At the time when I got this I thought it was fishy that he made it without root since I thought a dev needed root to gain access to the API’s that are needed to flicker them LEDs, maybe someone already out there has root and once to get an early jump on things :) Either way this is a great find – get em INCers!


Incredible LED Flashlight

Been working on this app past couple weeks…
# Just launch the app and the LEDs will light up.
# LEDs will stay lit until you tap the Power button (top button).
# You will lose all Camera functionality (including the LED Flashlight app) until you Power Off and Power On the Device.
***Use at Own Risk***

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