New BlackBerry Bold 9800 pics leak out

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When i first saw this phone i was like omg are you kidding me. Then the next though was, well RIM failed at a flip phone now they going for a slide, oh brother. A slider phone with a touch screen i didn’t know what RIM was thinking. I was like how is it possible to have a slider phone with a touch screen? Well the screen isn’t as small as i thought and the phone actually looks kind of cool. Here are some more leaked photos.


Can’t get enough BlackBerry slider action? Well today’s your lucky day, as a bunch of new images of the handset have leaped out by way of TheBerryFix. Showing off what looks to be a late prototype / early production model, the images give us a pretty good glimpse of not only the handset itself, but some of the new niceties of the BlackBerry 6 OS including a virtual QWERTY keypad, a clone of Cover Flow in the media player, and, of course, the much-hyped WebKit browser. Anyone else excited to see this sucker launch on AT&T during the June/July timeframe? Click on through for a few more pics.

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