OS6 Theme reaches Number 1 : iBerry is confused

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Waking up today with an inbox full of congrats and enough happy tweets to fill up my ego is how I started my day. This is in my eyes history in the making for this special thing to happen. Behind the scenes of Mobihand there is what we call a “hidden war” and fierce competition although you never see anyone put down each others work and play nice, we are always thinking of ways to take the other down. Ever since I could remember the hottest number one theme was called “iBerry” by Lunars Edge and was always up at number one, until today that is. My theme OS6 was one of the first to make such a popular selling theme step down a notch which is beyond awesome. No doubt there is a reason why iBerry was number one but sometimes it made me sad that the number one theme for your BlackBerry is a theme to theme your phone to something other then the BlackBerry feel but a competitors feel. I have a lot of respect for Lunar’s Edge and know how hard he worked to get there, he is a great guy and his customer service is awesome, so in no way will I ever bash someone like that.

I also wanted to say thank you to all my fans and everyone who downloaded this theme from day one, without you guys here helping me reach this spot I wouldn’t be making this blog post. I am glad Mobihand crowd now has a new lineup to stare at and I have a feeling from now on this lineup will be changing more and more. Well I gotta go back in the labs again and keep working but I wanted to give a shout out to my WJD Team, Lunars Edge (without him I couldn’t of gained) my fans/customers and the close Theme team of John from @Jp_Designs – Alex @ AhazDesigns – Jason from JMAL Designs – Let’s keep it up there for a little while ok?!

This would all never happen, without my first Storm 9530 :)

Related Video Below…. Without all you – We wouldn’t be here :) Special Thanks to the guys @ CrackBerry.com and BlackBerryOS.com and Berryfication.com

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