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Earlier this week  I had posted a article about a new secret project from t-mobile.  From what was being said many people thought that it may possibly be the HTC Desire, which in my opinion would be amazing.  Well with some details being released we do have a idea that HTC is the manufacturer of the new device but from what i’m hearing i am not happy about it. From what is being said is that it could possibly be a new sidekick that would be running android! Yeah I’m sure everyone reading this has the same thought as i do (WHAT NO NOT ANOTHER SIDEKICK) Well from what you will read below is it is going to possibly be running android 2.1 and have a snapdragon processor! O well guess only time will tell.

Earlier this week we provided our viewers with exclusive details on the upcoming “Project Emerald“. Although there was much speculation suggesting that Project Emerald was the Samsung Galaxy S, our sources tell us that HTC is in fact the manufacturer. Our source is also claiming that the device is to be called the “Sidekick Twist,” though nothing has been finalized so as usual, that is subject to change. Additionally, we hear the device will boast Android OS 2.1, a 1 GHz Processor (Snapdragon?), with a front facing Camera and a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display. This new device will also be flaunting 16GB of onboard storage with T-Mobile preloaded apps for active lifestyle oriented apps. So, basically, given the description, it seems to be a Sidekick handset made by HTC. Coincidentally, PhoneDog has run the exact same detailed description this evening so with not one, but two sources running the same gambit of info we think we are getting warmer on “Project Emerald.”


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