Rumor: T-Mobile Denies the BlackBerry Pearl 3G?

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I really honestly think this is a poor move for T-mobile if they do decide not to pick this phone up. Yes the market now is all about touch screen phones full keypads but honestly alot of people would like a small phone. The power of the blackberry 9700 in a small shell like this, WOW.  Personally myself I prefer a real size keyboard but thats just my prefence. I guess we shall see what happens

Mac had posted this at an earlier time during WES as we just heard it, but then went back and put the post on hold until we received further details on the matter.  We obviously didn’t get much, but we’re a bit more educated now as to what is going on here.I spoke with one of my T-Mobile corporate friends and inquired about this BlackBerry Pearl 3G.  As Mac heard from T-Mobile during WES that the device was not coming to the carrier at all, I had to see if there was any more raw details on that.  From what I understood, T-Mobile does not seem to have an interest in carrying the device now at all as they have other plans in line.  That brings us back to what we did put out as a rumor around WES about a Curve 8500 series coming in 3G.  We know it’s not the 8910.  Could it be the 9300?  Mac heard and posted this same rumor, but there was no indication as to what the model number would be.  What was understood is that the “Curve 8520 will be coming in 3G.”  So what is to come of the Pearl 3G now? Things are looking dark for T-Mobile at the moment, but a lot brighter for AT&T now.  Things don’t look so great for a May launch of the Pearl in the US as of now, so we wait.


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