T-mobile Project Emerald????????

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Rumors are rumors but you know it never fails just seeing it posted always gets your hopes up. Seeing that these other carriers are dropping these android devices left and right glad to see Tmobile is finally doing something.(hopefully) After seeing the most recent Htc incredible recently dropped by verizon i was kind of jealous. So seeing this little rumor posted i really got my hopes up. If this rumor comes true i think this may be the one device that finally pulls me away from the world of blackberry! (which won’t be easy) Well the rumor is  it very well may be the HTC Desire which we all been hearing alot about heading Magentas way. I will keep my fingers crossed.

For the past few days our sources have been whispering the words: “Project Emerald”. So naturally, the BIG question is, “What Is Project Emerald?” One of our highly trusted sources hit us up and told us a few details. Our source states that it is definitely a handset launch, and that Magenta is referring to it as, a ” new Nexus One-like device”. Our initial thought is that its the HTC Desire, (you know that uber gorgeous, Snapdragon powered device, with the nice 3.7″ AMOLED display). We’ve been hearing rumors of the Desire headed Magenta’s way for awhile now,  but as you all know, we do not like to spread “unconfirmed rumors”. So yeah, while we’re thinking the Desire, we definitely aren’t removing the possibility that it could be another new “Super-phone”. We’re working on diggin’ up more info so stay tuned


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