Wayne D of WJD Designs gets interview by BlackBerryEmpire.com : Listen Here!

| May 6, 2010 | Reply

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Josh from blackberryempire.com has done an exclusive, and might I add, AWESOME interview with Wayne from WJD Designs aka ME. He thought it was only going to be a few minutes, some quick questions….he found out wrong. I love to talk and give my opinion and he found that out quick. He gave me some great questions and made me think and talk as much as I can about the topics at hand. It was a well put together interview and I thank Josh for his time and remember to follow up on his site @ www.blackberryempire.com to check out more of his website… Kudos!

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I am the Owner/Founder of WJDDesigns.com & GizmoNinja.com , I was born in to a world that was emerging on the frontier of technology. Within time I self taught himself everything from coding to graphic design and wanted to bring my creations to the public by the masses. With the new growing world of mobile applications I could achieve just that. I am always looking to learn something new and provide the best service and information I can. I am really a cool and calm type of guy who is more of a lounge party setting then going to the loudest rock concert ever. When I go out to eat at fancy places the ambiance is what I comment on first, if the ambiance is poor then my food doesn’t go down as good. I look at everything around me that has different shapes and colors which creates ideas I use in my everyday projects. I try to live life to the fullest when life dishes out free time. I love to teach everyone I know who isn’t as tech literate as myself and give them more information to better their decisions. The progression in technology is life, it’s my life.