Xobni Gets Updated, BlackBerry Addicts Get Happier

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Hey what’s up guys, this application works pretty well, pulling your email contacts all together.

We’ve mentioned Xobni several times in the past on BlackberryOS. Xobni is best described as your address book on steroids. In short what Xobni does is automatically creates rich profiles for anyone you’ve communicated with, and offers the most complete and up-to-date contacts ranked in order of relevance versus alphabetically. Pretty darn smart huh? This sounds like the perfect application for anyone with OCD organizational skills, or those lacking such organizational skills.

On Monday, Xobni was updated to v1.0.63.1 which adds a lot of new features:

  • Multiple email account support: Xobni will now index multiple email accounts on the device.
  • Enterprise activation – this is for Xobni for Enterprise customers.
  • Ability to manually create a new Xobni contact
  • Ability to mark a contact as a list – this will demote it’s rank because it’s not a contact
  • Hidden contacts and List contacts are now synced with Xobni One
  • Ability to edit titles and company names for Xobni contacts
  • Automatically fetching images for search results.
  • Downloading the app is now supported on Opera Mini

One of the new features that surprises me is support for downloading the app via Opera Mini. You don’t see too many apps that support being downloaded via anything other than the native BlackBerry browser. Hopefully more developers will see and decide to also support downloaded via a third party browser. Xobni will also soon be available in BlackBerry App World. But for now, here is the pricing break down for this awesome, must have app.

  • Xobni Mobile standalone app for BlackBerry: $9.99 one-time fee
  • Xobni Mobile with Xobni One: $6.99 one-time fee + $3.99 recurring monthly fee
  • One-year of Xobni Mobile on BlackBerry with Xobni One: $39.90/year

For more information about Xobni for BlackBerry, you can go to http://www.xobni.com/blackberry.

Source: blackberry.com

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