Incredible Rooted : Now can we Haz It?!

| June 10, 2010 | Reply

UPDATE: INC is rooted and a better method of ROOT will be out ASAP – stay tuned!

Alright so Checking out XDA forums aka the nitty gritty hacker/crackers of the mobile world I found that we may have one HTC Incredible rooted and the method was out of no where. I have the exact chat that was made during this operation via IRC channel ##Incredibleroot  ( ) It is a good read and very uplifting knowing there are some guys in there no talking about who has a bigger hard drive but who are actually using their time to root this device. From what I hear in the forums they might be ironing out the process so that can replicate it. At one time I thought this phone was going to stay rootless forever, but things are looking up – Thanks Guys!

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