Blackberry 9300 coming!!!!

| June 26, 2010 | Reply

Well from what we may see coming here is the departure of the 85xx series from T-mobile and the coming of the 9300. This phone sorta looks like a revamped 8900 which was discontinued from t-mobile earlier this year. Not too many specs released for this device yet but that should be coming soon

BlackBerry lovers, are you sitting at home on a Friday night itching for the latest device scoop? Or out but glued to your screen checking news sites in between BBM relays? Looks like TechnoBuffalo (with a little help from Negri Electronics) has you covered: hands-on time with the Curve 9300. This prototype 8500 replacement has T-Mobile UK bands and is actually working (although with OS 5 at the moment). Compared with its predecessor, the keyboard is apparently improved, the side buttons more flush with the device, and there are a few cosmetic differences as you can notice in the picture above. Video after the break… now get on with your evening, k?


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