F1 Gets on the BB wagon

| June 4, 2010 | 2 Replies

Being a gearhead, drag racer and tech geek, I’m always looking for any kind of motorsports application for my Blackberry. More of a road racing fan than anything else, I was looking for an F1 app that worked on my Storm 2. I searched and found the formula 1 site but they were still in the development stage. Well, now its done and I can say that its a nice app that works well on my S2 as well as many other BB models. For DL link go and Select Device, and off you go. Once registered, you will receive an email with a confirmation link, bookmark this link as the app icon takes you to the race timing site.

Upon clicking the nifty icon, you will be in the countdown to the next practice session. It has an Opera type of look and feel to it which for me is inviting. Menu choices for timing, races and standings are at the bottom and each new window presents new choices. Basically, this little app gives you full race tilemitry at your fingertips. It works in portrait or landscape and the graphics are very nice. One little tip: Use the ‘back’ arrow to exit.

The mobile website is full of info, news and lots of cool media formatted for your phone. Once logged in, you can customize to your liking by picking your favorite driver or team, which will put them on the the top of your home page.

All in all, I would say this is a great duo for the F1 fan or if you just want a cool app to show your friends. It will help me stay in the know as most of the races show around 2 to 3am while sleep is my main objective. Hopefully you will enjoy this become a fan.

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I’ve been a gearhead my whole life. This lead me to product and electrical design for a major auto maker. My love for design, computers/electronics and tinkering with gadgets forced the purchase of a smaprtphone when they first came out. I’ve stepped up through the ranks, WinMo, Blackberry (still have my Storm) and now an Android device. While using the Storm, I was a huge fan of themes, which brought me to WJDDesigns. I was honored to become part of this great team and could not be more proud to now be developing my own themes. I hope you enjoy what this team and our site has to offer.

  • WJD says:

    wow even got the screen caps with the OS6

  • WJD says:

    wow even got the screen caps with the OS6