Motorola planning a 2GHz Android superphone

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Hello Moto!!!!  Motorola as a company as many know has been pretty much been on the down fall. Their first release of a Android phone as in the Moto Cliq hasn’t been much to brag about.  With the inital launch of the first moto android phone and their moto blur software things weren’t easy for the consumers. The blur servers were up then down, up again and what do you know down again. So as the sales may have been decent for the cliq it definetly hasn’t been a fan favorite.

The current Cliq is still running on the old android 1.5 firmware, which isnt making the consumer very happy, as they see phones releasing with 2.2 already. What alot of people don’t know is there is a major reason why it hasn’t been updated. I personally heard from a Motorola Rep that the reason the Cliq hasn’t been updated is because of the Blur servers. When Motorola created the Blur servers they built it around android 1.5 not expecting any changes. I guess that says alot for motorola as a company, what i mean is how can they try to make (what they think would be a game changer) a service like moto blur around one OS.  Its 2010 Moto get your game together things change, technology changes.

Well Moto is at it a gain trying to take one HUGE step in trying to change the game again and bring back their name. Rumor has it that they will be releasing a 2GHZ android smartphone by years end.  Some specs are it may have a HD display 720p display, HMM that sounds familiar as in the Iphone4.  Well who know what motorola has up their sleeve but i guess we will find out.  Will motorola change the game or will all the consumers be built up to only get disappointed yet again.


Apparently during his speech to Execute Club, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha talked about more than video calling in future devices. According to ConceivablyTech, Jha also said that before the year’s end his company plans on launching an Android superphone powered by a 2GHz processor. While this alone is more than enough to whet our appetites, Jha wasn’t too keen on saying more. So it’s a good thing then that a different Motorola exec was willing to talk under the condition of anonymity. According to the mysterious one, the handset Jha was talking about will feature an NVIDIA Tegra GPU, camera with “more than 5 megapixels” and HD video recording, HD display, 720p out, Flash 10.1 and gyroscope. This might sound like a bit of a fanboy’s fantasy phone, but we’re willing to keep the faith. How about you?


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