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Welcome to Opake. This is a theme that pulls you in with its complex simplicity. The home screen presents 2 small ‘plus’ symbols that when tapped (or clicked) will reveal sliding mini ¬†icon bars, one on the left and one on the bottom. The left par carries 8 user defined icons. The bottom bar shows 7 system icons. When any of the 7 are highlighted, the focus is a large shadow callout in the wallpaper area above. Also, the first 3, Messages, Calendar, and SMS, carry a hidden today with a transparent billboard for ease of viewing. I like having a standard set of system links that helps free up the user defined icons for your personal preference. This option is almost a must for any theme.

Opakes top banner is unassuming but once you realize whats going on, it becomes a focal point for more than just catching the time. The signal meters show you numbers instead of levels of bars. 1-10 for the battery and 0-5 for signal. I feel this is a new standard for any theme worth having. The font used here is also very attractive and appealing, yet simple, which is what makes it perfect for Opake. The needed hotspots are present as well: Clock (time), Connections (signal meter), Messages (notification area just below date) and QuickLaunch (just below signal meters). Also, when the hidden today billboard is showing, you can click on any message or event to go directly there.

Once we enter the app screen, we find a full suite of custom skinned icons and a soothing background. The app banner carries the numbered signal indicators as well, no detail left out here. Highlight colors in the menus and message screens are bright but not overwhelming, again creating perfect flow and appealing draw for the eye.

Opake is one of those themes that you always find yourself going back to. With its unique meters, hiding icon bars for almost full wallpaper viewing, flowing colors throughout and finitely detailed simplicity, Opake is a winner in hiding. I highly recommend this theme for anyone who wants their Blackberry experience to be simplified beautifully.

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