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I honestly cant remember how many times I have lost important info on my blackberry, or even misplaced my blackberry and wasn’t able to find it.  This is a feature that has been a long time coming for us blackberry users and i am super excited about it. If all goes well and all these features are included in this application this will be a amazing step for RIM.

Just think i’m sure alot of blackberry users can remember at least one time when they were using their phone and placed it down and picked it up to only see a App error or Jvm error on their device. I have been down that road before and have lost very important info on my phone and to this day i haven’t recovered it all. So just think if you the user had this application you could have had all your info backed up and been able to fix the phone and then restore your phone no problem. Hopefully this isn’t something that they mention now and then not release for another year.


RIM’s consumer-grade protection software for BlackBerry smartphones, dubbed Blackberry Protect, has just been officially announced. Rumored for months, the new service lets customers not attached to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server:

  • Protect important information on a lost BlackBerry smartphone by remotely wiping or locking the device from your desktop
  • Remotely add contact information to the home screen of a locked BlackBerry smartphone so it can be returned if found
  • See your BlackBerry smartphone’s location and pinpoint the current whereabouts of a lost or stolen device with cell tower and GPS device tracking
  • Find a nearby misplaced BlackBerry smartphone by remotely activating a loud ringer
  • Back up data from your BlackBerry smartphone (including Contacts and Calendar; Memos and Tasks; Browser Bookmarks and Text Messages) over Wi-Fi
  • Restore your data to a new BlackBerry smartphone, or simply switch from one BlackBerry smartphone to another

We recently got a demo of the Protect software, and — to be honest — we think it’s pretty solid. It will be in beta starting this week, and a more open beta later this year.


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