Bold 9650 running Blackberry OS 6!

| July 28, 2010 | Reply
Well hello there !!  BlackBerry OS 6 caught in the wild running on a Bold 9650?  This comes as a bit of relief to some considering many people were skeptical as to whether or not the Bold 9650 would ever see the light of OS 6.  Check out the pics below for evidence.  So far there are no other details on this sighting, but we will be sure to keep following this story close.  Leave us a comment below and be sure to come back soon for more details.

For anyone that may have doubted that they would see BlackBerry 6 aka OS 6.0 for their beloved Bold 9650, you are in luck. Here are the first screenshots of OS 6 taken from a living, breathing Bold 9650.

As you may know, the Bold 9650 has 512MB flash RAM, which seems it may be the minimum requirements to run OS 6. It will be interesting to see what else we might find in the future, make sure you keep checking back.

Bold 9650 users are you getting excited? Those who don’t own a 9650, is it looking more enticing?

Source BBLeaks

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