Citibank’s IPhone App falls prey to hackers…..

| July 29, 2010 | Reply


Apple and Citibank are two corporation’s that have certainly had their share of bad press over the past year, and its happening again.  Apple is trying to get over the hump from their “Atennagate”, and Citibank is…..well their a bank in the middle of a huge recession.  But now they have some more worries, hackers!

In an age where identity theft is common and can happen at your local gas station or via fake emails, it is being reported that hackers have broken into data for Citibank mobile users.  According to reports, just over 117,000 customers were affected, though “the bank doesn’t believe any personal data was exposed by the flaw.”  Apple is recommending users to upgrade their mobile app and Citibank is going to be sending new cards to its customers.
So if that you, better call your bank or the apple app store and upgrade.

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