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Droid Does when it comes to techy interactive sites. Looks like Verizon spent some money on making sure we know that the Droid/Incredible/Droid X Motorola/HTC Trio have features galore. Sure just a flat 2d ad would have sufficed but that really doesn’t show the depth of what Verizon wants to show us. These phones IMHO have lead the Android presence in the most talked about Android devices. The ad also shows us how to set up a type of visualĀ  experience using our web cam to mimic 3d space and depth. No need for one of them fancy dancy 3d tvs and dorky glasses, all you need is flash enabled and a web cam and your in! So go ahead and find out more about this side and the phones themselves, or you can take a look at my first person view! (shot from an HTC Droid Incredible)

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Courtesy of DroidDoes.com

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