Dyson’s new Fan tech BLOWS!

| July 14, 2010 | Reply

That’s right the king of suave home tech “Dyson” brings us another futuristic piece of wonder, the “Air Multiplier Fan.” These fans produce an amazing amount of air while using a no blade technology. This technology is called “buffeting” and can be seen in the diagrams below. Have I had a chance to snatch this unit up? Well no I haven’t but fear not! I have indeed saw one in action at Bed Bath and Beyond while grabbing some kitchenware. (yes I can cook haha) I was walking past and saw these fans and I had to stop, they caught my attention with their futuristic look with a very large amount of cool air blowing out. I messed with it and I can’t see why this would not replace blade type fans in the future but right now the average person probably can’t afford the price tag of $299 for the lower of the five models with a variation tower version that will direct the air to a better spread. So for right now I am going to start mowing lawns and preparing for some winter snow shovel clearing so I can get some nice air flowing through out my office, unless Mr. Dyson wants to send one my way to review. ;)

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