Foryo 2.2 for INC Leakage

| July 27, 2010 | Reply

Well hello Froyo, fancy meeting you here… In the world of mobile tech leaks are almost invetiable and right now this holds true for you Androidies. Froyo was leaked for the HTC Droid Incredible and the Samsung Galaxy S (Leak will be tomorrow!). Sure that is just two devices but that is still two devices short of what we had as far as an official OTA leak. Now this leak is actually including superuser.apk and all those fun files to make your phone that much more friendly. Right now these two phones may hold the key int he fight to make a stable froyo build for CM6 and many other Roms out there so please be happy for the community right now and wait patient to get your JIT on. Now if you don’t feel safe loading a pre released OTA you will be able to wait until the AUG 6th Froyo release for “some devices” that is rumoured or just be patient and get Froyo, when ya get it! Enjoy Guy!


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