G1. You were the first, you wont be the last!

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Earlier last week we said goodbye to the Nexus One, and now we must follow suit and say adios to the G1.  News is coming in that the T-Mobile G1 is no longer for sale.  This is significant because the G1 was the first Android phone to hit the market just about 2 short years ago.   While this is no surprise for some considering the onslaught of newer technology that seems to be changing at an unprecedented rate, some of us may be sad to see it go.  Check out the story below, as well as some pics and info on Androids original leap into the Smartphone market.  Drop us a comment and let us know what you think.

And just like that, the T-Mobile G1 is no more. A quick stock check at T-Mobile USA, Amazon, and a few other retailers confirms that the world’s first Android handset is no longer for sale, marking the end of an era. Of course, it’s been nearly two years since we first saw the G1, and its 528MHz Qualcomm processor and 320 x 480 3.2-inch display have been long since outclassed by the recent crop of high-end Android hardware, but we’re still feeling a little nostalgic. They grow up so fast, don’t they? Take a pause, take a sip, and let’s look back on the original of the species.

Source  Engadget

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