Google Music service to launch Q4 ANDROID 3.0

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What else will google come out with next? The internet monster is now going to be coming out with a music service. Not too many details are released on it yet but rumor has it that it will be released in Q4 and be part of the android 3.0.  Will this be more like a itunes? Knowing google since they are competing with apple so i can imagine they would want to make it as different as they can.  I would think that the battle of the too major companies is just going to be picking up and getting better and better.  Google keeps this up with constant updates it very well may pull me away from blackberry and go for android.  Honestly in my opinion i think google is on the up and up.


According to Israeli newspaper Calcalist, Google VP of Engineer Gaurav Jain has gone on the record as stating that his company will launch its oft-rumored music service before the year’s end. Set to debut in Q4, Jain went on to say that the music service will be predominantly featured in the next version of its mobile OS, Android 3.0 (aka Gingerbread). The timing of Jain’s statements — not to mention the fact he made them at all — are curious, as rumors are heating up that Apple is gearing up to launch a cloud-based version of iTunes that will allow customers to stream their music library directly to their device; meaning that on-device storage can be freed up for things such as apps. While it remains to be seen exactly how similar the two services will be, one thing is for sure: the battle between Apple and its iOS and Google and its Android is about to get even more nasty.


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