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It looks like by the end of 2010 HTC is looking to roll out a numerous amount of devices. 8.5 million devices by years end is the magic number. Wow is HTC trying to prove something to other manufactures? As many of us who have been around the cell world for a while now may know that this could be a bad thing. Why you ask, why saying this many devices are coming may be a bad thing.  Well if you sit back and think about it, it may be that they are trying to compete with others. When that comes into play that may mean they could rush things and try to cut corners and we all know what that means. 

Some of the recent HTC devices have been up and down when it comes to performance and hardware. Perfect example in my opinion is the HD2. When it looks like a amazing phone i personally think it lacks alot of punch. One reason i say that is the fact that they had to place windows mobile 6.5 on the device which is not a favorable OS. See if they would have just waited a little bit longer to drop that device it could have been released with windows mobile 7 which could be a better performing OS.

Going back to the upcoming devices we don’t have word on what all of them are but rumor has it 2 are coming to T-Mobile. The possible 2 being released to magenta could be the HTC VANGUARD and the HTC EMERALD. I guess the best thing i can say about the 2 we know of is they both seem to be android devices. Word also has it that there will be a windows 7  device dropping on T-mobile as well.  Thanks to the leaked T-mobile roadmap you can see that there are 3 devices subjected to be released to magenta by years end. So when we get word of the other devices being dropped and what carriers we will sure to be all over it.

 We are of course somewhat positive that at least two of these devices are Android-based and showing up on T-Mobile, the HTC Vanguard and the HTC Emerald. Thanks to a leaked roadmap, rumors regarding these phones and T-Mobile are heating up and from what hear from our own sources, we aren’t seeing much that gives us reason to doubt these rumors.


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