Nexus One: The End

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We all knew this would happen at some point, and nothing lasts forever.  Earlier this year Google announced that they will be closing the Nexus One web store.   What we learned today is that the Nexus One is being discontinued and removed from Google’s store front.  The Nexus One was Google’s first official Smartphone to entering the market on Januray 5th 2010.  To think that a phone of this calibur would be around for a while as the competition is forever changing is now simply a pipe dream.  We snatched an article from Engadget which explains it all. 

We knew this was eventually coming, and here it is: Google is giving everyone the heads-up that it just got a fresh batch of Nexus Ones in stock, and once they’ve been sold through, they’ll no longer be offered directly through the company’s online store. For what it’s worth, the customer service lines will stay open even after that happens — and you’ll still be able to buy a phone through KT in South Korea, Vodafone in Europe, and “possibly other [retailers] based on local market conditions” — but by and large, your average American is going to have a hard time getting one pretty shortly. If you’re a registered Android developer, though, Google’s looking at continuing to offer the device through some sort of sales partner — a wise move considering it’ll be just about the only thing you can buy unlocked running a clean-slate latest build.

Source: Engadget

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