Nokia Kinetic concept phone reminds us mobile technology is still advancing.

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Remember Nokia? Chances are if your in the USA you only think of Nokia as the maker of all those little flip phones that you get for free with a new 2 year agreement.  We all seem to forget that Nokia is still the number one maker of cellphones in the world, and looks to keep that spot for the time being.  I myself like Nokia phones, and have had a Nokia N97 for about a year now and its a great all around smartphone (not as good as my Incredible though).

Now I know that cell phone concepts come around often, and rarely make it into consumers hands, but this week the Nokia Kinetic came around and I had to tell you about it. 

The Nokia Kinetic concept from British designer Jeremy Innes-Hopkins is a sleek and futuristic looking device.  Other also comes with some pretty neat features, the one that caught my eye is the located in the base of the phone.  Inside the base is an electromagnet that allows the device to spin up on cue! So if you were to set an alarm it would spring up when going off, pretty neat stuff.

Engadget Mobile spoke to the designer:

Jeremy tells us that the top half of the actual prototype is just 8mm thick, while the bottom is 18mm, and he notes that the base also conveniently doubles as a more camera-like grip for taking photos. Of course, it is still just a concept, but it was done at the request of Nokia, and a former Nokia designer served as a tutor on the project, so there’s conceivably a slim chance that some of the ideas might wind up in an actual Nokia product.

Don’t go looking for this in stores anytime soon, this is just a concept.  It is nice to know though that technology in the mobile world is constantly being pushed to the next level, and mayne someday we can look forward to our phone springing to attention when we get a phone call.

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