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First off I have never been in to screen protectors at all. I was against putting a piece of plastic in between me and my screen which may break the touch response and I thought it wasn’t needed. I got proved wrong after many devices I grabbed an HTC Incredible and saw the amount of people talking about screen protectors in the forums. Many people brought up competitors names you can buy at local retailers. Seeing the boom in the talk I went and grabbed one of the screen protectors from the Verizon store when I grabbed the device. The Verizon screen protectors were awful in fingerprint smudging and thickness. After pulling them off I tried the Zagg screen protector which receives high praise in the mobile community. I threw one on and hated the thickness and rubber feel within time of using it. I thought my search was done and I would be going back to the “naked” feeling of glass. The whole time I was trying protectors the forums were going nuts on one protector named “Steinheil.” People starting getting antsy when the company who sells them started posting “coming soon” to the web page for the Incredible. I started getting antsy as well not knowing exactly why. As soon as they were on sale I ordered them and within a few days they were at my door and I had a surprised look on my face since I didn’t wait long at all to have them in my hand which I love since I am that “I WANT IT NOW” type of guy.

I called up John Piper from the WJD team and he also received his as well. I looked at the instructions and started sweating because this thing has to be precised or it will bug me. You do get two of these protectors in the package but when your like me you’ll need five more. I ruined one putting it on and rushed on it. After I did that I looked at people’s methods of placing this on without ruining it and John told me about a shower method he found in the forums. You need to go in the bathroom and make sure the shower is on to produce steam to limit the amount of floating particles in the air. (if you have a dusty old house like mine) After using this method it was a complete success and my phone was not damaged at all. I do not recommend this first but it is a great last resort if you are anal like me about anything small under your screen. Everything was good until a two week trip to South Carolina.

During a vacation trip to South Carolina I really put this protector on a torture test without knowing it. During the trip I exposed it to the beaches sand and harsh sunlight with heat, fishing, multiple GPS tracking, and other activities that may hurt the Steinheil. I placed it in my pocket with keys and hooks to some shorts full of sand and for some reason wasn’t to worried at all. I wasn’t on you tube taking a razor blade an d daddies pocket knife to my screen to prove how strong my protector is at all but I was taking it through a real life strenuous two week vacation and that worked for me. Coming home from vacation I notice the protector was all scratched and smears that looked pretty bad. I even thought the scratches penetrated the surface and I would have to get a new phone and put my head down in shame. I pulled the Steinheil off and low and behold the screen was as clean as the day I applied it and I was REALLY happy.

After some solid proof I begun buying more protectors for other devices from an Evo to new ones for my Incredible and looking in to some Ultra Crystal protector for my Droid X. They sale many styles including anti-fingerprint, anti-glare, and Ultra Crystal variations. I prefer the Crystal Clear/Ultra Clear since I have saw pictures of the others on the device and they produce a slight tint to help with the glare or fingerprints. I am more of an invisible look and want to be able to make it look like I never applied a screen protector on. The Screen Protector fits on and is very slim and increases your slide on your devices screen. You will be able to have less resistance then the glass screen which is good since you have to pinch zoom and slide everywhere you go. The protector reduces fingerprints more then the glass itself and provides an almost invisible display with high protection. I have created a “Review, How to” video of this below without my shower method and how to achieve that perfect fitting on your device. I want to take a moment to thank Steinheil for a great product that I can honestly stand behind 100% and I am glad we have a company out there that cares enough to produce such a great product, cheers! Video right below, check it out! ( I apologize for the robotic voice at times, it was late and I was tired but you get the point!) Grab the Screen Protectors here: SGPSTORE

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